Pen and Paper

Those pretty little things we fight

Those naughty things we do at night

Made my heart beats faster with delight

Thinking of those yesterday’s we had

Makes me want to go back time

And get you back again and call you mine

But time won’t let me

So here I am sitting

With pen and paper in my lap thinking

Regrets are all I could write

Everytime I start thinking at night

And those moments that I did nothing right

I hope you’d come back

Into my arms and my life

And be together again for a life time

I promise to do everything I lack

Just for you to be here at five

And ask you again if you could still be mine


Pictures scattered on the floor in the middle of the night

Thinking of those nights we had in this room

Full of memories to remember and forget under the moonlight

Picking that specific photograph of ours

Remembering how we became us

And remembering how became no one with each other


Would you still give countless chances? Would your love change if they’ve done it countless times? Would you still be able to forgive?

If I am asked to answer these questions, then so hear it. Yes, I’d give countless chances for I know he will too. No, I would love him even more for I love all his flaws. And yes I would forgive and forgive for I know he didn’t mean it